There is an unbelievably rich history of music in Miami, reflective of the diversity that exists. So when I was tasked with writing a comprehensive piece looking back at the history of music in Miami for Distraction Magazine's music issue, I knew it would be nearly impossible to get to everything that comprises the "Miami Sound". The longform piece contained within the PDF below is my attempt to dive into the various aspects of the Miami music scene's history, from the many legends that took the stage in Overtown and pushed back against segregation to the rise and fall of Disco and the emergence of the uniquely "Miami Sound" influence by cuban rhythms and a little something called "booty bass".

There was extensive research done for this piece, which included fun conversations with some of the many figures that have helped shape Miami's music scene. That included local musicians, record producers behind the legendary TK records and lower-profile but still essential contributors like a former WVUM DJ.